Multifunctional Smart Box for Safe and Effective IoT Solution

The ONV-IoT9000-ZH product line is a multi-purpose smart box system in the IoT field, independently developed by ONV. This is an intelligent power source control and communication system with high integration, diverse functions and simple use. With its modular structure, it provides multiple power supplies and remote monitoring control. You can choose the communication module that suits your application requirements to realize optical communication for different topologies.

Outstanding Features:

  1. Integrated Lightning Protection: Comprehensive protection with lightning protection module, air switch, charge voltage sensor, over/under load alarm and lightning count indicator.
  2. Modular Design: Provides multiple AC220V power supplies, 3 DC12V power supplies, 1 AC24V power supply, and 1 DC52V power supply. Concentrated power design, automatic re-opening, short-circuit voltage, self-recovery power.
  3. Remote PoE Power Supply and Management: Remote management and PoE power supply, multi-channel UTP network connection, optical connection, link alarm. Supports fiber optic trays and optical adapters.
  4. Power Monitoring and Remote Management: Detect, monitor and centrally manage environment, power, temperature, communication links and other devices in the box. Diverse and powerful interface.
  5. Security With QR Code: Information related to the IoT smart box can be managed through QR codes, recording all status information and logs of the device.

Product Advantages:

  • Central Management System: Provides a central management platform through the cloud, allowing users to manage devices at the front point, view real-time device status, and control power status.
  • Report Errors Quickly: Alerts users when the device is abnormal through sound, light and pop-up windows, accompanied by QR codes to create repair orders.
  • Integrated Optical Module: Supports diverse optical modules, from multi-mode to single-mode, ensuring flexibility and compatibility.
  • Customized Operating Environment: Adjust the working temperature according to application environment requirements, helping to ensure the machine operates in the best conditions and prolongs its life.


  • Dimensions of smart IoT PoE box, IoT smart control box, IoT smart box, IoT smart box: XYZ mm.

Notes for Installation:

  • Only supports vertical installation on round poles.
  • Use the included metal installation parts and screws when installing.
  • Wear protective gloves when installing.
  • It is forbidden to install the smart box under the power source.
  • Preserve paint on the surface of the box intelligently, peeling paint needs to be replenished immediately to avoid corrosion.IoT PoE smart box,IoT intelligent control box,IoT intelligent box,IoT smart box Refer to the product here
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