Powerful Wi-Fi Network: The Ultimate Solution for Deployment and Enhanced Performance

Model : ONV-CPE300P

Industrial PoE Switches are not only a component of the network infrastructure, but also an independent power source for your Wi-Fi system.

Here are ways they help optimize Wi-Fi network deployements,especially in areas with complex structures:

Direct Power Supply to Wi-Fi Access Point (AP):

Industrial PoE switches address the need to provide power to each Wi-Fi access point flexibly.

By providing power over an Ethernet cable, they eliminate wiring clutter and help simplify deployment.

Save Costs and Resources:

In areas with complex structures, pulling power cords can be a major challenge.

PoE switches reduce this complexity, helping to save costs and human resources,

especially in limited spaces or when needing to overcome complex architectural structures.

Flexibility in Deployment:

PoE powering capability provides flexibility for placing the Wi-Fi access point in any location with an Ethernet cable.

This reduces any power constraints from peripheral sources and optimizes deployment location.

Increased Performance and Management:

PoE switches not only provide power but also enhance Wi-Fi network performance.

They support access point status management, helping with tracking

and adjusts access speed, creating a stable and efficient Wi-Fi network experience.

Solid Security:

With good management and monitoring capabilities, PoE switches ensure your Wi-Fi network is strongly protected.

Not only do they prevent cyber threats, but they also simplify security management.

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