Optimize Power Supply and Data Transmission

Have you ever felt confused with installing network devices such as security cameras, Wi-Fi access points or IP phones and faced with providing power to them? Don’t worry, PoE (Power over Ethernet) network solution is the answer to this problem!

Why choose PoE network solution?

  1. Save Costs and Time

    With PoE, there is no need to invest in installing separate power supplies for each network device. This helps save costs and installation time, reducing risks and complex technical work.

  2. Flexibility in Deployment

    With the ability to transmit both data and power over the same Ethernet cable, PoE provides the flexibility to deploy network devices in any location without having to worry about power.

  3. Smart Management

    PoE management solutions provide the ability to monitor and regulate the power delivered to each PoE network device, helping to optimize power efficiency and effectively manage the system.

Popular PoE Network Solutions:

  • PoE Switches: provide PoE power directly to network devices, simplifying the power and data delivery process.
52-port full gigabit L2+ managed PoE switch
Model: ONV-POE33052PFM
  • PoE Injectors:With PoE injectors, you can easily insert PoE power into Ethernet cables without changing the existing switch.
PoE PD splitter Gigabit
Model: ONV-PD3301S
  • PoE Extenders:expand the range of PoE transmission over Ethernet cables, helping to expand the deployment distance of the network system.
PoE extender 3-port 10/100M
Model: ONV-PSE-PD3102


With PoE network solutions, your network will become more flexible, cost-effective and easier to manage than ever before. Invest in this innovative technology to improve the performance and efficiency of your network today!

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